Myrtle the Turtle

This little cutie is about 4 1/2 inches long, so it must be a young one.  Well if it was real, but sadly, it’s just soap.  There’s no scent in this one because it’s for a baby.  It’s only been colored with green mica into a honey M&P base and set until firm – about 45 to 55 minutes.   Then it popped right out.  It’s really cute and it’s going into a gift basket for my niece in SC who just had a baby.  He’s an adorable little fellow and will be lucky enough to grow up with the sand between his toes.   I can’t wait to ship this off to her – hopefully tomorrow – and just imagine what she’ll think when it arrives.  This has been loads of fun making this goodie/baby basket for mommy and new baby.  I’ll have to do more of these because I get an excuse to shop in the baby section of stores!











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