It’s the little things

When dealing with larger-than-life- issues like cancer or a physical disability from an amputation or loss of eyesight, the little things tend to fade into the background quickly. Little things like watching a favorite show, listening to calming music, crafting something that holds meaning to you, and the list goes on. Big things crowd out the little ones in disproportionate measure due to the sheer volume of the serious nature of our current health issues. It gets harder and harder to find that bliss, that zen.

Doing quiet things, like this blog, is one way to take back the quiet times. Rediscover that serenity and all other things can be faced much easier and more effectively as well. I’ve been remiss in writing, I’ll admit to it. It’s something that fell far down the totem pole of priorities after health, taxes, home issues and more crowding them out, but that must change or the bigger things cannot be addressed without chaos. Mental chaos.

Despite falling asleep during a simple blink on a regular basis because my pain meds knock me out, despite not being able to eat to regain all the weight I’ve lost thanks to this colon cancer that was recently found, despite all the treatments harsh side effects knocking me back on my heels, it’s time to return to a state of semi-normalcy and that’s what I intend to do. I might not be able to drive thanks to the drugs, but I can at least do small tasks towards the business that will give me peace in my head and my heart. The rest will follow. They always do.

I’ve restarted working in the Bubble Hut again and it felt like going back to the home of a dear friend. One I cannot live without. One soap bar batch has been restocked, Green Tea-Nectarine, and now I’m working on the Body Creams, two fragrances at a time. Small things. Those beloved little things that mean so much because when viewed collectively, they become bigger than the heavier, darker, more serious big things, crowding them out rather than the other way around. That sets the world back to rights for me.

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