Just a quick word

I’ve noticed, with a lot of sadness, that my followers in Facebook are leaving. I’m not sure if it’s because I have not posted anything new or because I announced my illness but either way, it still hurts to lose fans and friends.

I have every intention of continuing my business for as long as I draw breath and that should continue for a long time to come. Sadly the illness I have does not have a reputation for excellent survival rates but the odds are improving every day. I’m receiving the best of care from the best doctors in our nation and have faith in their skill to bring me through it.

I plan to return to my crafting of bath & body goods once my body is mended sufficiently and the mind is clear of other distractions to create again with our Spring line of products along with restocks of Body Cream and Body Wash.

For those that have not left my page, thank you for your faith in me. For those that did not wait for my return, I’m so very sorry you’ve left us and you will be missed.

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