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My imagination has taken a turn for the fruity.  Fruit Splash is a deliciously juicy fragrance from FragranceLaboratory.com, one of  only a couple FO suppliers I typically use and it’ has a fruity, juicy fragrance of several different fruits & berries.  Many soapers have used this one to make the first of their spring & summer lines, but you know me, I’m weird.  I like to use beachy and fruity scents all year round, so here I am doing fruity scents as fall starts to  show its head just above the horizon.  While it is still well off in the distance, I’m still reluctant to make anything that smacks of full-blown fall unless the scent really bowls me over, which is far too rare.  I fight the cooler temps,  the images of dying leaves on deciduous trees and the need to tuck away the tanks tops, flip-flops, and tanning oils of happier summer days with everything I’ve got, but despite my best efforts, it still comes around, followed quickly by its nasty-tempered neighbor, Old Man Winter.  Oh well.  It’s just inevitable. Until I win the lottery and buy that ocean-front property in Bimini, I guess I’m stuck here year round. But I can soap with the summer scents and keep that Bermuda high going indoors year round!

So Fruit Splash is a hearty fruity fragrance that really sticks, is strong and holds up very well in any application you use it in, even the high-alkaline atmosphere of CP soap making.  I thought of Fruit Loops, without the sugary overlaying layer when I first smelled it, then thought immediately of how I wanted this soap to appear as a finished soap bar.  The plan requires a lot of patience.  That I have, in spades, so I picked out the colours typical of the fruits in the fragrance, purple, red, orange, green, raspberry-pink and yellow.  I’d considered pouring it into chunks of the colours, no swirling, but couldn’t stand the thought of pouring a soap, slab or loaf, and not swirling.  What soaper in their right mind can fight that urge to swirl?  Not this one! So swirl, I did.  The tiny bubbles don’t matter and you’ll understand why later on when Phase 2 appears.

slab poured of Fruit Splash August 6th

slab poured of Fruit Splash August 6th

(So since we now know I’m weak and can’t resist certain urges.  Let’s tottle on.)

This will set up for a couple of days in the mold, then will be removed and then Phase 2 can commence.  I will not be going into any details of what Phase 2 is right now.  Just suffice it to say that this slab of soap will not resemble its former state in any way.  There is a Phase 3 as well –  ’nuff said.

This batch is a triple oil blend, with silk, colloidal oatmeal, coconut milk, coconut water, and I tried a different approach to the additives when blending this batch.  I mixed the oats, coconut milk, coconut water, FO together then added them after mixing the oils and the lye.  This prevented the soap from discolouring with the addition of the coconut water to a livid orange as it tends to do in my prior batches.

In previous batches using coconut water,  I added the coconut water to the water used to dissolve the lye and when the lye was added the heat it generated cause a caramelization of the sugars, causing it to discolour to a particularly ugly shade of orange.  So, I decided to change the order around a bit to see if it wouldn’t happen if added later on.  This turned out to be the better way to use coconut water.  If there was any discolouration, I didn’t see it.  So if you want to try using other waters, try coconut water!  The additional sugars will cause some discolouration if you added it to the lye water, but if you add it later, it works great and the sugars will enhance the bubbles in the finished soap!  Still I needed to add a bit of Titanium Dioxide to lighten up the soap enough to show the colours at their true best.

So there’s the latest and the next Phase will be appearing in a few more days.  See you then!






And here’s Phase 2, the soap has been shaped into balls and curls, done with a vegetable peeler, and                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        placed into the mold.  Can you guess what’s coming up next?  No, don’t scroll down yet.  Wait for it………















and here’s the next step……

with clear soap poured over the embeds....

with clear soap poured over the embeds….



A clear soap using Everclear and sugar water, slightly tinted with peach food colour was poured over the embeds, misted with alcohol, and left to set up over night.  There was quite of bit of this, so I also poured some small molds of individual embeds for use in future batches of other soaps.  The clear isn’t scented, which was an accident to be honest, I’d meant to add a bit of the Fruit Splash to that too, but I got carried away in all the excitement of getting it poured and left it out.  The embeds have plenty of scent to them to it’s going to be terrific even without the clear being scented.  I’m determined to remember it next time though!  If I have to write it in Sharpie across the top of my hands I’ll remember it next time!


This isn’t quite the end of the road for this one, no no.  It’s now been cut and the look is nothing less than exactly what I’d hoped and aimed for!


I’m also running a bit of a contest to name this soap.  The best name wins and they receive a bar of this plus several others that are nearing their ready date.  Pop into my Facebook page, post your name suggestion in  the comment box and good luck!  (The post for the contest is pinned to the top of the page, so you’ll have no trouble finding it.  :)









And the cut bars….

Cut "Fruit Splash"

Cut “Fruit Splash”

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